Custom Cedar Fencing

We use quality materials and don’t cut corners!

How is your wood fencing built?
We hand build our wood fence board by board at your job site, which gives us the ability to customize your job and have quality control. 95% of other fence companies purchase their wood fencing pre-manufactured from a mill, where the focus is mass quantity instead of quality. ***When the sales guy hands you the same generic wood brochure the last guy did, you will know their fence is coming from a mill.

What species of wood do you use for your fences?
We use Western Red Cedar for our fence boards. Western Red Cedar is more stable, stronger, and more resilient to decay than the Northern/Eastern White Cedar used by most of our competitors.

What species and size backer rails does your company use?
The backer rails (the rails supporting the pickets) we use are Western Red Cedar 2” x 4”s making our fence stronger. Most other fence sections are made with either a spruce or white cedar 2” x 3” backer rail as a way to cut corners and save money. Smaller backer rails = weaker fence!

What kind of nails do you use on your fences?
We nail our sections by hand, using larger-sized stainless steel nails (too big for a coil nail gun) –resulting in a stronger, superior connection. Stainless steel nails don’t corrode or run like other nails. To save money, many other fence companies will use a much smaller-diameter nail, resulting in the need for double the number of nails (too many nails = less attractive). These smaller nails are shot in with a nail gun – often too deep – creating a weaker connection. Additionally, if the nails are not stainless, they are prone to run and rot.

Please click the images below to view the different types of custom cedar fencing we build and install.

Post & Rail
Custom Gates