Help / FAQ

"Honest, Dependable, Quality Work"

How do I choose the right type of fence?
We recommend you look over our website to become familiar with your options, and then contact us and schedule an estimate. As a third generation fence installer, we are happy to share our experience and come up with a solution to your fencing needs.

Does your company have proper licenses and insurance?
Yes, we’ve had a current Home Improvement Contractor License from the State of Connecticut since October 2000. We also carry a comprehensive insurance policy, including workers compensation coverage.

Who will be installing my fence?
Given our commitment to quality, we do not use subcontractors, even during the busiest months. We install all contracted work ourselves. This not only allows us to control the workmanship, but your job is done in a timely fashion on budget.

Do I need a permit for my fence project?
Towns differ whether or not you need a permit for fence installation. You, the customer, are responsible for permits if necessary. We can help advise who to contact as well as how to obtain one. Since fences are not regulated by progress inspections for building codes, we feel confident in leaving this responsibility to the customer.

Property Lines – Do I need a survey?
We do not locate property lines and can only go by the direction given to us by you, the homeowner. If you are uncertain about where your property starts and ends, we highly recommend having a proper survey done prior to installation. This should be viewed as an investment should an issue arise with a new neighbor, saving you unnecessary grief, expenses, and knowing what is rightfully yours and what is not.

What is the payment process?
This is dependent on job size. On most jobs we require a 50% deposit to schedule your job and begin ordering and fabricating materials, with the balance due on the day of job completion. For larger jobs, we will outline progress payments in our contract, but the balance is always due on the day of completion. We do not take credit cards – payment is accepted via check or cash.

What is scheduling like?
Once we receive your signed contract acceptance and deposit, we will schedule the approximate start date of your job and order any materials needed. First come, first served – we schedule our customers in order of when their deposit was received. If your job is time-sensitive, you will need to give us adequate notice. For example, if you would like your fence installed in early spring, we recommend a consultation during the winter to ensure we can begin your job as soon as the ground thaws.

Our lead-time varies from 2 weeks to sometimes 8 weeks during peak season. Our busiest months are May through October. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use sub-contractors during our busy season. Staying focused on quality, not quantity, has always been our philosophy. We want you to get what you pay for.

Do I need to be home for the installation?
If possible, we encourage you to be present at the start of your project to review the placement of your new fence and to provide us with the source locations of water and electricity. We generally don’t need you to be present during the remainder of the installation, though we will need a contact number should any issues arise. Be confident that we will treat your property with respect.

Who is responsible for clearing brush and debris?
The customer is responsible for clearing fence lines of debris, brush, etc… prior to installation, unless otherwise outlined in your contract. If we must spend a significant amount of time clearing the fence line, there may be additional fees.

What about local zoning and fence codes?
These vary by town, city, and associations. We advise you to contact your local building department and neighborhood association about your fence installation to inquire of any rules or restrictions, so that we can tailor your fence accordingly.

Do I have to paint / stain my wood fence?
This is a matter of personal taste and completely up to you and the look you’re trying to achieve. If left untreated, your wood fence will gray naturally. All exterior products will break down to some degree when exposed to wind and sun. The general rule is: the darker the color, the more UV rays are blocked and the greater protection your fence will have. We can stain your fence any color you choose and recommend a good product. This is usually done post-installation because our wood fence is custom built on your site.

Do all fence companies sell the same wood fence?
We don’t sell wood fence panels made at a mill. These are “quantity over quality” products that are mass-produced. We proudly custom build our wood fences using Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar with nominal dimensions of lumber larger than the industry standard. We have an extensive wood shop with capabilities that include picket pointing, rail doweling, and a chained mortising machine. This gives us quality control and unmatched service capabilities.

How do I know if I have underground utilities on my property?
Britain Fence will submit a “Call Before You Dig” request for your job, prior to start. This will give us an indication if there are water, gas, sewer, cable, electric, utility, etc… lines present, and we will make every effort to avoid them.

How about irrigation and dog fences?
We will do our best to avoid them, but given the nature of how they are installed, it is possible we can damage these lines while digging. Per our contract, we are not responsible for damage that can occur while digging, but will inform you of such occurrences so you can have them repaired by a professional.

Will my plants or grass be damaged?
We will treat your property with respect, but if a fence is being installed in a location near plantings, damaging roots while digging a post hole is probable. If you are concerned, you should remove important plantings prior to fence installation.

Things we need from you:

  • Water Source
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Final Walk-Through of Fence Location
  • Important Plantings Removed
  • Location to Put Excess Dirt
  • Fence Line Cleared of Debris / Brush
  • Contact Number
  • Payment Upon Completion