Deer Fencing

Protection for your property and your family. Given the ever-growing deer population in CT, deer fence has become a proven solution to protect your property. Not only are deer a costly nuisance to plants and gardens, but deer ticks have become a serious health issue in the spread of lyme disease.

You have options when it comes to deer fencing. We offer three different styles of fence for deer protection, each one providing unique benefits depending on specific site requirements.

High Tensile Woven Wire on Treated Driven Posts

High-Tensile Woven Wire is the ultimate when it comes to deer exclusion and durability. The round treated posts are installed using our hydraulic post driver / hammer. This method of installing posts is without a doubt the best. Driving posts creates a technique called “hydraulic suction.” As the post is driven into the ground, the ground immediately around the post is mechanically strengthened by a reduction in soil porosity and an increase in soil compaction. Thus, the surrounding ground pressure will secure the post up to 16 times firmer than a similar bored and tamped post. The high tensile woven wire is then stretched over the framework making it nearly impossible for larger animals to push through.

Black Coated Hex-Mesh Deer Fence

Hex-Mesh Deer Fence is very versatile. It is an excellent choice for properties with pools as its small diameter hole size makes it pool code compliant as well as deer and small game resistant. The wire is secured to black coated posts that are set in concrete. ***Often landscapers and handymen will take on deer fencing jobs and simply hammer the posts in the ground. Take my word for it this is a corner that should not be cut. You will end up getting what you pay for. A fence that isn’t worth a damn in a year or two and you only saved 10% from our quote = MONEY WASTED. ***

Custom Cedar Rail Fence with Wire

We’ve had a number of clients that needed a deer fence but wanted it to look more presentable near their home. Using our expertise we have designed several Custom Deer Fences using a combination of wood and wire. View the images below to get an idea of the possibilities.

Please click the images below to view the different types of wildlife fencing we build and install.